Vijayawada, the beautiful city in the Krishna river banks, is famous for its delicious food and the divine aura of the Krishna temple. This city is currently developing vigorously in terms of technology. You get to see new startups mushrooming at every corner of the city. So, what’s unique about Codegnan? Ask any of our customers, you will get to know that we have always let our integrity and quality of service speak for us in the market. We have currently launched our services in Graphic Designing with a team of well-experienced designers, creators and innovators. We articulate the user requirement in the language of design. If attractive designs and mind-blowing colour combination has always been in your mind, then we add spices to your visualization by giving importance to User Experience (UX).We take care of your brand power without mitigating your core design voice and style.

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Your business is all set to flourish, your website traffic is going to rake up like never before when you have us by your side. We give preference to every angle of graphic designing from ideation to prototyping. Your logo should be catchy and memorable. We give preference to creating logos that would stay in the minds of your customers forever.


The elegant design can vanquish the sense of strangeness and boredom when your visitor visits your website for the very first time. The first instance where your customer’s eyes and attention would groove is our design. Your graphic designs and logos would form an integral part of determining the brand voice, style and code of language. It has got a lot to do with the psychology of people. Each and every colour, font style and shapes we use in your logo or design would matter.

Speaking of Logos, people are going to interact with your brand frequently through your logo. It is going to find a place everywhere, from your website to brochures. To imbibe your logo deeply in the minds of the people, you need an extremely striking combination of colour palettes and patterns. Not only that, many other factors come into the picture like determining the right shape and integrating your brand message in a quirky manner. Your team of designers have to help you out with this aspect.

They should be the domain and subject matter experts with a broader perspective of design. Once you are able to create that great logo, people would start recognizing your business through that. As the wise man said, powerful people come from powerful places (Yes, we love the KGF franchise!). Similarly, powerful logos come from powerful businesses.

The first impression, which is always the best impression of the people on your business, is going to be through your Logo and Designs. It is always good to go when you put extra efforts on these two vital entities of any business or industry, be it banking, e-Commerce or food. Get the help of the best graphic designers in Vijayawada from Codegnan to create stunning graphic designs and logos.


If you are looking for graphic design and logo designing company to give life to your design expectations, think of Codegnan. We are experts at offering splendid designs that match up with the expectations of your customers. We know that designs have a huge role in determining the User Experience (UX). Hence we give due importance to the design aspects expanding our creativity from far and wide without forgoing the basic principles of design. Before we start with graphic design, we spend time in ideation, brainstorming and mind mapping our plans and design strategies before we move on.

As Don Norman, the great designer and cognitive scientist states in his book “The Design of Everyday Things”, creating a good design starts with understanding the psychology and technology. We take ample amount of time to identify what our customer perspective is before we offer them the final design prototype.

We are customer-savvy individuals working with an objective to provide great quality designs that would remain memorable throughout the summer and the rainy days. We do not stop at offering great designs. We offer a great experience.We have this policy of letting our user pay for only what they use. Hence we can ensure services at extremely affordable market prices.

Should you have any questions at any point of the day, you need not hesitate to let us know. We would always be ready to support you throughout the day. We would not restrict ourselves when we have to ensure that our customer needs are met. We would go above and beyond to make sure that you are happy with our design services. What’s more? We can create that killer logo and design that would hit your customer’s mind as swift as a bullet does. Let’s collaborate and innovate with awesome designs!

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